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Broadband Max Allowance

For people who use the Internet regularly and want to to have the fastest speed available to them. We will provision the connection on the fastest speed that is available on the line (currently up to 8Mb). You can choose the amount of transfer that they want and will be charged accordingly.

If you use more than your predefined transfer amount, you will be charged the difference between the amount paid for and the amount used on your next invoice. You will also be charged a 5 + VAT service charge. Minimum contract period of one month.

Max Allowance 3GB

  [Signup]  14.04 (ex VAT)  16.50 (inc VAT)

Max Allowance 30GB

  [Signup]  17.01 (ex VAT)  19.99 (inc VAT)

Max Allowance 60GB

  [Signup]  25.52 (ex VAT)  29.99 (inc VAT)

Max Allowance 90GB

  [Signup]  34.03 (ex VAT)  39.99 (inc VAT)

Max Allowance 120GB

  [Signup]  42.54 (ex VAT)  49.98 (inc VAT)

Max Allowance 150GB

  [Signup]  51.06 (ex VAT)  60.00 (inc VAT)

Max Allowance 180GB

  [Signup]  59.57 (ex VAT)  69.99 (inc VAT)

Max Allowance 210GB

  [Signup]  68.08 (ex VAT)  79.99 (inc VAT)

Max Premium Allowance 45GB

  [Signup]  25.00 (ex VAT)  29.38 (inc VAT)

Max Premium Allowance 90GB

  [Signup]  35.00 (ex VAT)  41.13 (inc VAT)

Max Premium Allowance 135GB

  [Signup]  45.00 (ex VAT)  52.88 (inc VAT)

Max Premium Allowance 180GB

  [Signup]  55.00 (ex VAT)  64.63 (inc VAT)

Max Premium Allowance 225GB

  [Signup]  65.00 (ex VAT)  76.38 (inc VAT)

Max Premium Allowance 270GB

  [Signup]  75.00 (ex VAT)  88.13 (inc VAT)

Max Premium Allowance 315GB

  [Signup]  85.00 (ex VAT)  99.88 (inc VAT)

Max Premium Allowance 360GB

  [Signup]  95.00 (ex VAT)  111.63 (inc VAT)

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